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It's time we pull our act together and CARE about the environment!

Plastic bags are being discontinued in some grocery stores throughout the world. Keep Cups are booming to replace the harmful coffee cups we're used to.


Because they don't break down in the environment and are harming our beautiful earth. plastic bags, CLING WRAP and other plastic disposable wraps we're using for our food are NOT always recycled.

If you are someone who hates the thought of polluting our beautiful world, then these Silicone Food Savers are exactly what you need. NO WASTE, NO DISPOSING, 100% REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN!

These SaveOurPlanetâ„¢ Silicone Food Savers come in 6 different sizes that meet most of your needs! They are environmentally friendly, you don't need to repeatedly buy the expensive plastic wrap!


  • Silicone caps are round but elastic enough to fit comfortably over strangely shaped cups, pots, cups and bowls.
  • Suitable for microwave and heat resistant at 450 ° F so you can quickly reheat and enjoy delicious leftovers.
  • It has a hermetic seal non-toxic, free of BPA, suitable for dishwasher and leak-proof, so that food stays fresh.
  • Color Available - Blue.


you will find a size that fits all your cups, pots, cups and bowls. You get 6 covers:

(1) 6.6cm (it will extend to 8.9cm)
(2) 9.4cm (will stretch to 12.7cm)
(3) 11.4cm (it will extend to 15.2cm)
(4) 14.5cm (will be extended to 20.3)
(5) 16.5cm (it will extend to 22.8cm)
(6) 21.1cm (will extend to 27.9cm)